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18 - Environmental science and public participation
Catharina Landstrom -71University of Oxfordcatharina.landstrom@ouce.ox.ac.uk
Environmental science mirrors the policy and decision making context in that public participation, in its widest sense, has become compulsory.
In order to win funding for research projects environmental scientists are required to include engagement with non-scientists in their proposals.
There is a multitude of ways in which the requirement to engage with people outside of scientific institutions can be fulfilled, ranging from inviting representatives of statutory stakeholders to discussions, to setting up citizen science monitoring projects to contribute data, to co-producing knowledge in collaboration with local residents.

This session invites papers that consider any of the ways in which publics are invited to participate in the environmental sciences. We are particularly interested in case studies of research projects that can bring precision to general questions regarding, for example: The constitution of participating publics - who gets invited to do what? The impacts of public participation - does public participation change scientific practice and/or knowledge? Consequences for decision making - does participation redistribute expertise to enable local publics to inform environmental management? All explorations of these, and other, questions about public participation in environmental science are welcome.
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